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Treatment Philosophy

I have come to believe that the basic cause of our miseries lies in the ignorance about the laws of human interactions. This fact cannot be ignored as long as we are with or around people. For our satisfactions and successes we need cooperative partners and suitable environmental conditions.  Fulfillment of these two requirements is hinged on the comprehension of human behavior and the surrounding environment. Attitudinal adjustment with a significant other is always a necessity.  Learning of this art brings the highest of emotional and material rewards.  Interpersonal Psychotherapy is the instrument to correct the problems of relationships gone wrong.  Depression, anxiety, anger, stresses and similar other negative mental states are all the tip of the iceberg made of uncanny unresolved interpersonal tensions.  “Life may not be much of a gamble but interaction is” (Goffman, Erving, 1959).  While our heart beats, our mind thinks—all the time.  Programming of the mind is therefore necessary; else any road will take us there if we don’t know where we are going. There have to be goals assigned for the mind.  The mind executes what it is programmed for.  Peace, harmony and joy are consequences of a mind programmed to respect our own dignity as well as that of others around us.